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What is the best solution (long-term) for Israel-Palestine situation?
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Jun 01, 2021
The Israel- Palestine conflict is considered to be an one of the most controversial and politically divided topics around the world. This conflict is almost century old where both of them are fighting over holy land of Jerusalem Both of them have violated the Oslo accord of 1993 which stated that both of them would act as two state and the Palestine liberation organization had recognized Israel to be an separate state, the accord gave limited governance to Israel and which in turned led to Israel impeding the lands of Palestine. Israel has violated the UN charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights which were drafted in the backdrop of enforcing human rights and this laws are fundamental to International Human Rights Jurisprudence The International Community has been trying to settle out the dispute between both of them since the efforts which were contributed in Madrid conference in 1991 which suggested two state solution, that would lead to land and border problem and which will lead to increase in expansion of territory of Israel, but this solution will give an definite rights to Palestine authorities of their settlement and land too, There is also an need to evaluate the international law globally, The systematic and widespread violation of human rights have continued to prevail, thus this conflict has become the litmus test to evaluate this international law. Israel is one of the most technologically advanced and powerful countries in arab, it has no security concerns which means that it wont be coming in tandem with the agreement of Palestine, it is an secular democratic nation too and it must embody the principles of justice and morality, which is only possible to an extent when they come together for mutual dialogue.


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