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What is the best solution (long-term) for Israel-Palestine situation?
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Saumya Singh
Jun 02, 2021
The conflict between the Israel-Palestine is not a new phenomenon or is not something that the world has not been a mute spectator before. Human rights are those rights that are bestowed since the birth of any individual. Unfortunately, the grave and consistent human rights violation is quite an evident evidence that not a single spark of human rights has been recognized on behalf of both the states equally. In the recent past, the 11-day bombing campaign upon Gaza on behalf of Israel and its retaliation in way of fired rocket backs raised serious fundamental questions. Firstly, the reason is the imbalance of power, as Israel has the backing of US military and diplomatic support. However, before delving onto any plausible solution for this unrebukable conflict, it is important to address the question; Whether Israel has a right to defend itself or whether Palestine have a right to survive? Moreover, looking at the diversity and longing of the conflict, a negotiation won’t lead to any mutual satisfaction for both the sides. A compromise for either of the party would yield an unacceptable result for the other half. So, its better both the parties should look at their interests instead of their positions to find a solution what suits both parties. In furtherance to all the sides, the most plausible solution would be to simplify the conflict. Firstly, the simplification can be achieved when other regional and international players which have an influence on the conflict are addressed with great sophistication. Secondly, the perseverance of basic and full human rights, especially to Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza.
Saumya Singh
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