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What is the best solution (long-term) for Israel-Palestine situation?
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Naman Mehta
May 27, 2021
We all know that The Israeli-Palestinian dispute is a long-running conflict that began in the early twentieth century between Israelis and Palestinians. The first issue is a problem in men's hearts. Too many people on both sides are tragically convinced that all of the land belongs to them and no one else, and that the other side's prolonged existence on the land is illegitimate and a historic injustice. The second issue is that external forces, particularly in the Arab and Muslim worlds, have taken care to stir up and maintain this conviction and to arm those who will fight for it. .Terrorist groups and the regimes that support them will try to ruin any possibility of peace, no matter what the terms are. Until these issues are resolved, no plan can succeed. There are numerous levels of "requirements" that parties to a conflict may have as criteria for the dispute's resolution. Land, water, security, access to the sea if possible, and a place to call home are all basic prerequisites for human existence and well-being. National requirements are those that are required for a nation to survive and prosper amid other nations, such as the freedom to pursue genuine national goals, self-determination, and cultural development. Even if they are not necessary for survival, restitutional demands may be justified: Land may be returned, reimbursement for wars caused by the opposite side, or other reparations may be sought by a wronged country. In an essence both countries should adhere to each other requirements to perpetuate a conflict.
Naman Mehta
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