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What is the best solution (long-term) for Israel-Palestine situation?
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Shambhavi Sharma
May 30, 2021
The Israel and Palestine have been in a state of conflict since a long time due to innumerable issues. The recent catastrophe between Israel and Palestine has proved to sabotage human rights of innocent individuals residing in the said Arab and Jew states, due to the adoption of extremist approach. Contemporarily, a dire need of resolution has emerged owning to the recent inhumane acts. As the issue is not concrete and simple but multi-faceted, it becomes problematic to address the predicament and give subsequent long-term peace building solutions. However, peace is attainable only if one desires to. If the states realize the gravity of the issue and accept that compromise is better than retaliation for their economy, territory and most importantly states’ people then a drastic and peaceful transformation could be made through a treaty or the One-State policy where both the states’ share ethnicity, but it would be only a matter of time when the spark of conflict flicker resulting in burning both the countries. Keeping in mind the contemporary brutal retaliation and various countries and International Organizations decisions, the Two-State solution is suitable as it would create two separate states for Israel and Palestine population, where the Israel state would retain a Jewish majority and the Palestinian state would have a Muslim Arab majority. However, for a long-term solution, the situation could be seen through a liberalist’s perspective. The central focus of liberalism is achieving lasting peace by rejecting power politics, proposing mutual benefits, recognizing non-state actors and establishing international cooperation. To establish international cooperation, the essentials become - international institutions, international trade and democracy. In the present context, Hamas is a non-state actor having control over Gaza which spends most of the supposed economy of people’s welfare in warfare leading itself in dire economic situation and unemployment. However, it being a non-state actor doesn’t free Gaza from its people’s responsibility, but in some sense shifts it to Israel (Palestine being incapable to curb it) which is powerful and capable of improving the relations by economic help, trade and cooperation. This would indirectly better the relations of Palestine and Israel, leading the same in valuing compromise over devastating retaliation instituting desire of peaceful coexistence, which could be attained through any one of the aforementioned concurred method.

Shambhavi Sharma

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