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What is the best solution (long-term) for Israel-Palestine situation?
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Arjun Bohare
May 27, 2021
Best long term solution for this conflict is to stop violence and fix the boundaries of each country. But it's not that easy, the issue of Jerusalem can be settled but the big issue is of Hebron I think. Abraham, the father of all three religions (Jews, Islam, and Christian) was born in Hebron and the city right now is in Palestinian territory. Jews settlements are placed in a particular part of Hebron and majorly every hill is occupied by Israelis as a strategic move to be in advantage. This city is something which each religion wants to have a control on and that's why in my opinion it can be a good solution to give a passage to Israelis from Israel to come and visit Abraham's tomb in west bank just like kartarpur corridor and to remove jewish settlements from the city. In that way Peace can be achieved in Hebron. In Jerusalem, Al Aqsa compound can be accessible to Palestinians just like today with more security and peace efforts. Western Wall is already in Jewish quarter and jews worshiping in synogogue peacefully. Church of nativity is at Bethlehem in west bank and Christian must get a freely access to the born place of Jesus Christ. Activities in Gaza strip must be stop and unnecessary violence by IDF must also be stop on Palestinians. The issue of refugee camps in west bank and in neighbouring countries is something which is difficult to resolve now in my opinion because there is not any place left for them to stay. Golan heights water conflict is something which can't be resolve without the efforts from both the countries, currently 97% of water supply is in the hand of Israel and it provides water in west bank and Gaza. Both countries should have equal access to water I think. In a nutshell both countries have to compromise otherwise nothing can be achieved.

Arjun Bohare

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