In the 47th session of UN Human Right’s Council: - According to the UN Rights chief, a concreted action is needed in order to recover from the deterioration of the rights on a global level (with special reference to China, Russia and Ethiopia).

The UN Rights chief criticised the recent measures of the Kremlin whereby its recent decision have contracted the areas of freedom of political views and has limited the access to participation in the elections. The opposition leader has been dismantled and dealt with in a conspiracy by the government which is against the Human Rights.

According to her, the action of Russian president signed the legislation whereby he barred the outlawing staff and the other members of the so-called “extremist group” are against the civil and political rights and must be changed. Moreover, she even questioned the ruling of the Moscow court whereby vaguely defined allegations were used to charge the people and brand them as extremist.

She pointed out the “chilling impact” of national security law that has been introduced in HongKong, the jurisdiction of China on certain cases and the new investigative powers of authorities are questionable. The result of these powers is that close to 110 people have been arrested and other formally charged.

Furthermore, the situation of China’s Xinjiang region is noteworthy as it calls for serious human rights violations and it can only be solved if she is given a meaningful access in order to analyse the situation there. This situation has become crucial after the US accused Beijing of genocide and related crimes against the Uyghurs. Although Beijing has constantly denied the holding of more than ten lakhs Muslim Minorities, the US has not apologised and has continued of accusing China.

The Chief also pointed the Ethiopian continued acts of non-Violence in the form of “Extra- Judicial Killings, arbitrary arrests and detentions, sexual violence etc.” These acts need to be dealt as soon as possible in order to bring stability to the system worldwide. This session which is bound to last until 13 July will deal with a number of matters similar to the above around the world whereby dozens of countries will suggest the course of action in order to reach viable solutions.

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